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REAL success follows Passion – This video will inspire you!

“What did you do to my sign?” – The power of words

How Google’s Panda update changes SEO

Since we like to talk about Good advice vs. Bad Advice, here comes the Google Panda update and its effects on the good guys, the bad guys, and the innocent bystanders.

Rand Fishkin does a great job of explaining it all in this short whiteboard video.


Escape Velocity in Business – PART 2 PRODUCTIVE ACTION

Escape Velocity requires Productive Action

We’ve already discussed the idea of acheiving ‘escape velocity’ in the previous post, and we talked about ACTION…MASSIVE ACTION, millions of horsepower action, because that’s what is necessary to achieve escape velocity.

Keep in mind that I didn’t say that “YOU” specifically had to exert massive amounts of energy.  But you have to take the correct action yourself to trigger the massive action.
In the space shuttle control center, someone probably didn’t even break a sweat as he hit the correct series of buttons.

And that leads us to they key topic:  PRODUCTIVE ACTION

If that same shuttle-launcher-guy was busy thinking up cool slogans for the launch or what kind of t-shirts he was going to make up to celebrate the successful launch, or checking his Facebook page….

…the shuttle launch would never happen!

What if he was busy reading a book on hand-eye coordination to be a better ‘launcher’, or shopping for special no-slip launcher-guy gloves?  Wouldn’t those be helpful?

It sounds silly, but that’s exactly what people do with their businesses; But only the businesses that fail.

So, how do you look at your daily tasks and decide what is “PRODUCTIVE“?

In the offline world, the phrase is:  “Do something to get the phone to ring”.

That can be buying and placing your advertising, handing out business cards, speaking at a local event, etc.
People have to know what you are doing before you can get to the step of actually SELLING a product or service to them.

In the online world, the equvalent is:

First, having an offer,

Second, having a place to view the offer

AND third, getting qualified people to see and consider your offer.  (It becomes rinse and repeat, and is push-button easy at that point)

Anything fitting into those categories can be considered “getting the phone to ring”

LEARNING: Educated action is productive action

Learning certainly comes into play, but it has to be kept in balance.  When beginning a new venture, however, because of the uncertainty and newness of the endeavor, people will tend to feel like they haven’t learned enough to take ‘productive action’, so they get into a circling pattern of lots of  ‘learning’ and non-revenue ‘activity’ (creating domain names, checking emails, sorting affiliate offers).

So, instead of going around and around with ‘tasks’ and ‘to-do’ lists and ‘learning mode’, do this instead:

Follow someone else’s BASIC business model.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Just follow the same exact outline of their plan.  If they’ve succeeded with it recently, then so will you.  The only difference is going to be the  SCALE of your initial SUCCESS.

By ‘scale of your initial success’ I’m simply pointing out that when you take those simple steps, you might only make 1 or 2 sales at first.  But, that’s enough, because it proves that your PRODUCTIVE ACTION is working.  Then, you just do MORE of the same on a larger scale (get more people to view your offer), as quickly as you can.

Any time we test and find a ‘WINNER’, a product or service that WE like and other people like enough to buy from us, we immediately use a little shortcut to SCALE our sales efforts to massive amounts of people.  I’ll probably reveal that shortcut in future blog post.  It’s in one of our reports that people can soon opt in to receive a free copy.

Your action items MUST fall into one of the 3 categories mentioned above.  All are necessary, so, you need to get things moving and get all three areas complete.  You can refine and improve and customize things later.  You will always be doing this anyway.

You paid attention to what I just said, right?  You need to do SOMETHING today, do ANYTHING that is PRODUCTIVE ACTION.  Don’t be sloppy with your work, but don’t waste time trying to be perfect.

Use whatever money-making program you have (as long as it’s a “program” and not just a “tool” or “software”).

Model the program precisely on the most basic level, making sure you cover all 3 action categories we talked about earlier in this article.

Identify the PRODUCTIVE ACTION you need to take.  You should be able to write those things on a single notecard.  Seriously.  Do SOMETHING on that list today.

What’s going to happen when you do?  Well, go ahead and do it, because it’s the only way to find out for sure.

I’ll leave you with one final thought before we move on to part 3.

“You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” -Anthony Robbins


Escape velocity in business…How fast is fast enough? (Part 1 – MASSIVE ACTION)

In physics, VELOCITY is the measurement of the rate and direction of change in the position of an object.(Wikipedia)

Your ultimate goal, however, is not just VELOCITY.  In this series, we’re going to identify the missing components of what you REALLY want and need.  The GOAL is to achieve ESCAPE VELOCITY.

Escape Velocity

Space Shuttle reaching Escape Velocity

In our example today, your BUSINESS is the object we’re going to compare to a space shuttle.

And the rocket engine that drives the business is YOU.

The Million Dollar Question (literally) is:

How powerful and fast are you moving, compared to how powerful and fast you NEED to move?

Here comes the flaw people make all the time. (and it absolutely becomes FATAL to most businesses)

You take SOME action, but it’s missing one of the following characteristics.

1. The actions taken need to be MASSIVE

2. The actions taken need to be FAST

3. The actions taken need to be PRODUCTIVE

Taking MASSIVE action:

The space shuttle ENDEAVOR is a big, fantastic machine that requires some serious horsepower and continuous thrust to get into orbit.

How much horsepower do the main engines have?

Take a guess:

A. 3,700 horsepower
B. 37,000 horsepower
C. 37,000,000 horsepower

According to the Kennedy Space Center, the answer is 37,000,000 horsepower!!

Does that surprise you?

Well, here is the business lesson to take from that information:

As human beings we mostly OVERESTIMATE the effort we are making, especially if we observe others making things look easy. (like marketing gurus).

Have you seen a Space Shuttle launch? Engines blast, shuttle slowly and smoothly climbs, gaining speed until it glides into orbit.  It looks easy.

But if you put a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport engine in there (which happens to be the fastest production car in the WORLD), at a mighty 1200
horsepower, you know you would get no result at all. Nothing but a blown engine.

You have to have a realistic view of what is MASSIVE ACTION that is enough to move your business.

Let’s say your goal is to make $10,000 per month.  In a relatively short time (mere months), that’s certainly attainable because so many people have done and continue to do it.

You try any of following (and you’ll see why these fail):

** you build a website, even adding slick order forms to be able to make money when people show up

** you do banner advertising with 20 banners placed strategically around the internet

** you send out email promotions for your Clickbank product to a list of 100 people that opted in via your blog

Yes, these are all actions related to your business. In fact, they are even critically PRODUCTIVE ACTIONS that are discussed in another article.

What they lack of course, is that none of them are MASSIVE ACTIONS.

And why AREN’T they massive actions? I’ll let you answer why for yourself by considering the following:

What would it take to make these actions, “MASSIVE ACTIONS”?

In this case it’s actually probably a MONEY issue. If you’ve got deep pockets the problem of massive action is easily solved.

That is a primary reason why people don’t take CERTAIN kinds of massive action.  Right from the start, it will be a money issue, and that totally makes sense.

In the first example, I guarantee you that with a targeted postal mailing list and 100,000 postcards, I could generate serious traffic on my product site AND produce a profit.  But, again, that sort of action takes MONEY.

So, you can see the difference between action and MASSIVE ACTION.

Now that you have that in perspective, I’ve got some really, really good news for you.

The TYPE of massive action you will need to succeed in business will NOT require a pile of money.  You’re going to make up for the lack of cash with something even better.

It is going to start with PRODUCTIVE ACTION, which we’ll discuss in part 2 of ESCAPE VELOCITY.